The Dutch ICU Data Warehouse

Dutch ICUs will start collaborating by sharing large amounts of routinely collected data to improve the quality of care and treatment strategies for future critically ill patients

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About the Dutch ICU Data Warehouse

The Dutch Society for Intensive Care (NVIC) had initiated a large scale collaboration by Dutch ICUs to engage in large scale data sharing on critically ill patients to improved quality of care and patient outcomes. Together, they intend to find out which timing of which combination of treatment strategies will lead to the best outcomes in which patient.

Large amounts of data are routinely collected during ICU treatment, such as those from devices for monitoring and life support. Artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning could be leveraged to identify which combination of treatment strategies will lead to the best outcomes.

The collaboration emerged during the corona crisis, as sharing and analyzing data proved to yield important insights. Clearly, this should continue to save the lives of future critically ill patients!

This unique collaboration is coordinated by the Laboratory for Critical Care Computational Intelligence at Amsterdam UMC. There are strong ties with the NICE foundation, known for their experience with analyzing data for ICU benchmarking. Machine learning partner Pacmed will use their expertise to combine and analyze the data. Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, uniting all major health insurance companies will support the intiative with 2 million euros for the next five years.


ICUs intend to participate. This includes both large and smalle ICUs in academic, teaching and community hospitals.


ICUs are already sharing data. Their first goals was to collaborate against corona. Soon they will also be able to better treat other critically ill patients


Data points per patient per day. This is the approximate amount of data that is routinely collected in ICUs. For each patient. Every day.


Intensive Care admission per year. This is the approximate number of patients admitted to ICUs in the Netherlands. Every year.

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